Wordpress Expert!

Wordpress Expert!

Yesterday, my co-worker called and said where can he find a wordpress expert and said someone should be able to get it done in an hour. So, I asked, what do you need?

  • I have 3 themes that I like, I want to mix them up.
  • I want to do wrapper pages just like I could in Joomla.
  • and...

Wo, wo, I said, even if someone is very good with Wordpress they can't get that done in an hour. So, Sze being Sze, said, "I will look into it."

By 3 pm, I finished:

  • Mixing the overeasy theme with videographer theme so some posts uses videographer's templates.
  • Created custom sidebar for different pages
  • Created a new wrapper template for wrapper external pages.

Am I a wordpress expert? No. I am just a friend.