Top 3 Needs

Top 3 Needs

Recently a friend of mine asked "what's your top 3 needs right now". Here is my respond,

Top three things? These 3 things are always true, but as we get into a different stage, they take on a different meaning.

1. Focus. Focus is no longer, heads down and get the release out. Focus now means don't get side-tracked with the day-to-day but make sure we are marching toward the right goal 6-10 months from now.

2. Cash flow. It's rather easy to make financial decision when you have absolutely no money. When we are getting money in and need to spend some money, any small financial decision is critical. It's far easier to spend money than to make them.

3. Growth/Scalability. As we grow, we start taken on different jobs. Starting to be managers rather than workers. Starting to put in process rather than just getting it done.

OK.OK. More concert needs:

1. Legal support. I am going to engage the lawyer soon.

2. Resources. We have been hiring and will continue to do so. Key is the get affordable and effective resources.

3. Slow down. As we gets traction, it's very easy to think that we are invincible and thus go too fast.